18-19 Upper Deck SP Authentic Checklist

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18-19 Upper Deck SP Authentic Checklist

Postby Breakninja » Mon May 27, 2019 9:43 am


Product: 18-19 Upper Deck SP Authentic

SP Authentic Hobby Box HOckey

Breakninja.com Link:

https://www.breakninja.com/hockey/18-19 ... cklist.php

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http://www.checklistcenter.com/2018-19- ... ic-hockey/

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http://www.checklistcenter.com/2018-19- ... card-odds/


2018-19 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey is an annual favorite product. Much loved sets such as Future Watch Rookies, Immortal Ink, and Sign of the Times are back as always, but this years big selling point is that it is the first Upper Deck release to include autographs from Jack Eichel, and Nico Hishier, whose rights were acquired earlier this year. The release also sees more NHL legends autographs following the signing of a contract with the Retired Players Association. Also look for update sets and the return of the Upper Deck Bounty Program. There is also usually unannounced sets such as Young Guns Acetates included.

Expected Release Date:

June 5, 2019


Approx. $130USD Per Hobby Box



5 Cards Per Pack; 18 Packs Per Box; 16 Boxes Per Case (2 Inners)

Box Breakdown:

1 Future Watch Auto; 1 Additional Auto; 1-2 Spectrum FX; 3 Base Red Parallels; 4 Upper Deck Update; 7 Inserts

Youtube Video:

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https://www.breakninja.com/Ebay-Items-A ... &submit=Go

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https://www.breakninja.com/Ebay-Items-A ... &submit=Go

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https://www.breakninja.com/Ebay-Items-A ... &submit=Go

What Matt Says:

Always a popular release. Couple of downsides in that there are a lot of no name rookies in there, as well as the price to auto ratio. SPA used to have...

What Mike Says:

Sorry but this stuff is just too expensive. 2 autos for close to $200 Canadian = impossible to get any value unless you hit a top rookie you are gonna lose. The trend of this hobby is just doubling in price each year, thats what happens when you have a monopoly on the sport, back when Panini was allowed to make NHL cards this would not have even been a hundred bucks.

Sets per Team (How Many Different Cards Each Team Has, this information is unique to breakninja and very handy for group breaks):

Toronto Maple Leafs 73
Chicago Blackhawks 64
Edmonton Oilers 63
New York Rangers 57
Montreal Canadiens 53
Pittsburgh Penguins 52
Detroit Red Wings 50
Anaheim Ducks 49
Boston Bruins 49
Calgary Flames 49
Buffalo Sabres 45
Carolina Hurricanes 44
New Jersey Devils 44
Ottawa Senators 44
Dallas Stars 43
Vegas Golden Knights 43
Winnipeg Jets 42
Los Angeles Kings 40
St. Louis Blues 40
Florida Panthers 38
Washington Capitals 38
Philadelphia Flyers 37
Tampa Bay Lightning 37
Vancouver Canucks 37
Minnesota Wild 35
Nashville Predators 34
Colorado Avalanche 31
San Jose Sharks 31
New York Islanders 28
Arizona Coyotes 24
Columbus Blue Jackets 21

Numbered per Team (The Total Print Run of Serial Numbered Cards per Team):

Chicago Blackhawks 7983
Anaheim Ducks 7740
Detroit Red Wings 7418
Boston Bruins 7116
Carolina Hurricanes 6731
New Jersey Devils 6197
Ottawa Senators 5640
Calgary Flames 5432
New York Rangers 5374
Buffalo Sabres 5252
Los Angeles Kings 5095
Florida Panthers 4970
Edmonton Oilers 4492
Toronto Maple Leafs 4344
Winnipeg Jets 4318
Dallas Stars 4298
Minnesota Wild 4288
Philadelphia Flyers 4113
St. Louis Blues 4109
Montreal Canadiens 3480
Vancouver Canucks 3308
Vegas Golden Knights 2981
Tampa Bay Lightning 2980
New York Islanders 2900
San Jose Sharks 2786
Washington Capitals 2731
Pittsburgh Penguins 2305
Nashville Predators 1916
Arizona Coyotes 1697
Colorado Avalanche 863
Columbus Blue Jackets 573

Ninja Notes: Inscriptions are always fun and hard autos are just too rare in most products these days.
SOTT Inscriptions

Ninja Notes: The patch autos in this stuff are really sought after each year, shown below is the retro version that mimics 08-09 SPA. Maybe they just too lazy to design new stuff eh lol.
Patch Rookies

Ninja Notes: Future Watch autos are the second most sought after card from Authentic. What I really like is they are all numbered out of 999 which gives everyone a chance to nab the top rookies.
Future Watch Autograph
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Re: 18-19 Upper Deck SP Authentic Checklist

Postby Lucifer » Mon Dec 21, 2020 7:48 am

Looking for some help on this one. I managed to get my hands on an autographed Guy LaFleur from this series, but can't find any info at all on it. Its the same number as the base, but the card is black with gold autograph. Any info would be appreciated.
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