2019-20 Topps UEFA Champions League Match Attax

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2019-20 Topps UEFA Champions League Match Attax

Postby Breakninja » Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:47 am


Product: 2019-20 Topps UEFA Champions League Match Attax

Attax Box

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http://www.checklistcenter.com/2019-20- ... tch-attax/


2019-20 Topps UEFA Champions League Match Attax is a soccer gaming set that pairs with the digital version released by Topps. As a gaming set there are no autographs to collect, but the release does have a large base set and a nice array of insert cards. While many collectors may shy away from gaming cards, there could be a niche market here, plus with every pack being able to unlock a digital pack, it will be popular among players of the Match Attax game.

Expected Release Date:

November/December 2019


Approx. $65USD Per Display Box


Starter Box Break: 36 Cards Per Box; 1 Limited Edition Card; 1 Game Mat
Midi Tin Break: 60 Cards Per Box; 15 Exclusive Cards; 1 Limited Edition Card
Standard Box Break: 6 Cards Per Pack; 30 Packs Per Box
Display Box Break: 6 Cards Per Booster Pack; 50 Packs Per Box

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What Matt Says:

Interesting concept. Not usually into gaming sets, but I like that you can scan the QR code on the pack to get a bonus online pack

What Mike Says:

Looks like some good clean fun, if this was for hockey i would totally be into it. Look whats closing for Attax Cards on ebay right now:

This Product was manufactured by:

Topps Company Logo
About Topps:
Founded in 1938 the Topps Company Inc has the MLB liscense for trading cards and also make cards under the Allen & Ginter and Bowman Brands.
Official Website:

Final Summary:
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