19-20 Panini Contenders Basketball Trading Card Checklist

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19-20 Panini Contenders Basketball Trading Card Checklist

Postby Breakninja » Tue Dec 31, 2019 4:24 pm


Product: 19-20 Panini Contenders Basketball

Hobby Box

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https://www.breakninja.com/basketball/1 ... cklist.php

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http://www.checklistcenter.com/2019-20- ... asketball/


2019-20 Panini Contenders Basketball is one of the most awaited sets of the year. The Rookie Ticket Autographs are always a fan favourite set, and this years set will be especially popular with the inclusion of Zion Williamson autos. The product includes a mix of both hard-signed and sticker autographs, and includes rookies, legends, and current stars. Hobby boxes offer 2 autographs each, and with the given price point, this will be a good release for group breaks.

Expected Release Date:

January 3, 2020


Approx. $270USD Per Hobby Box


5 Cards Per Box; 10 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case

Box Breakdown:

Box Break: 2 Autographs
FOTL Box Break: 1 Exclusive Blue Shimmer Premium Edition Season Ticket Auto Rookie #/20, Rookie Variation #/20, or Veteran #/10; 1 Additional Auto

Checklists for Other Years:

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Youtube Video:

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What Matt Says:

Always liked the contenders product, nice autos and good value

What Mike Says:

Used to be a cheap fun rip for hockey and this makes me miss Panini Hockey that much more, check out the current batch of contenders closing on ebay right now:

Sets per Team (How Many Different Cards Each Team Has, this information is unique to breakninja and very handy for group breaks):

Boston Celtics 291
Los Angeles Lakers 245
Atlanta Hawks 219
Golden State Warriors 213
New Orleans Pelicans 213
New York Knicks 195
San Antonio Spurs 190
Minnesota Timberwolves 184
Phoenix Suns 183
Miami Heat 180
Memphis Grizzlies 167
Washington Wizards 161
Charlotte Hornets 160
Los Angeles Clippers 156
Chicago Bulls 154
Cleveland Cavaliers 150
Indiana Pacers 149
Philadelphia 76ers 148
Portland Trail Blazers 139
Brooklyn Nets 133
Detroit Pistons 131
Dallas Mavericks 126
Denver Nuggets 124
Orlando Magic 121
Sacramento Kings 115
Oklahoma City Thunder 112
Houston Rockets 110
Milwaukee Bucks 89
Utah Jazz 89
Toronto Raptors 77

Numbered per Team (The Total Print Run of Serial Numbered Cards per Team):

Boston Celtics 6453
New York Knicks 5610
Los Angeles Lakers 5466
Golden State Warriors 4981
Atlanta Hawks 4830
Phoenix Suns 4582
New Orleans Pelicans 4470
Indiana Pacers 4389
San Antonio Spurs 4157
Minnesota Timberwolves 4115
Chicago Bulls 4111
Orlando Magic 4093
Brooklyn Nets 3980
Memphis Grizzlies 3972
Miami Heat 3935
Los Angeles Clippers 3795
Philadelphia 76ers 3758
Denver Nuggets 3738
Charlotte Hornets 3655
Washington Wizards 3508
Dallas Mavericks 3466
Cleveland Cavaliers 3427
Portland Trail Blazers 3368
Detroit Pistons 3362
Sacramento Kings 3279
Houston Rockets 3177
Oklahoma City Thunder 3172
Milwaukee Bucks 3155
Utah Jazz 3035
Toronto Raptors 2759

Ninja Notes: Panini does neat things like this from time to time, i like these license to dominate inserts, good stuff.
License Card

Ninja Notes: Whats better than a jersey card, well a dual jersey card of course, pretty standard design on these. There is 10 different cards to collect and the normal version is not numbered but there is short prints available with the prime swatch /10 and the one of one Tag versions.
Dual Swatches card

This Product was manufactured by:

Panini Company Logo
About Panini:
The Panini Group is an Italian Company who is mostly known for their stickers, the subsidiary Panini America INC is the company that makes all the trading cards and currently hold the NBA and NFL licenses. Panini also makes trading cards under the Donruss Brand
Official Website:

Sport Involved:

NBA Logo
About The NBA (National Basketball Association):
Founded in 1946 the NBA now has 30 teams with 29 of them being based in the United States. The Boston Celtics hold the most Championship Titles with 17.
Official Website:

Final Summary:
Make an account and let us know how you feel about this product! We are always looking for real humans to take part in our forum! And as always, check out tonights Case Break Action:

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