Pokémon - Generation 1 Fossil Set Checklist

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Pokémon - Generation 1 Fossil Set Checklist

Postby Breakninja » Fri Feb 01, 2019 10:01 am


Product: Pokémon - Generation 1 Fossil


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The Pokemon Generation 1 Fossil set was the 3rd North American release from Wizards of the Coast and it completed the original 150 Pokemon roster. It was released in North America in October of 1999, 3 months ahead of schedule. Like the Jungle set before it, this release had both Holofoil and non-holofoil versions of the rare cards, bringing the total number to 62 cards. Like previous releases, the 1st Edition print run sold out quickly and was followed by the Unlimited version.

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What Matt Says:

These were some of my favorite booster packs to buy

What Mike Says:

Well at least is not some lame app that made kids run into traffic chasing invisible pokemon dudes.

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