Pokémon - Generation 1 Jungle Set Checklist

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Pokémon - Generation 1 Jungle Set Checklist

Postby Breakninja » Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:58 pm


Product: Pokémon - Generation 1 Base Set

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Pokemon Generation 1 Jungle Set is the second release by Wizards of the Coast in North America, released on June 16, 1999. The release was far ahead of what was intended, due to Topps also releasing a Pokemon set in the early summer. Like the base set, this release offered a 1st Edition print run, which sold out in under 2 weeks, and was replaced by the Unlimited version.

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What Matt Says:

The lack of Energy cards made this a hard set for anyone building a deck

What Mike Says:

Not a fan of the game really, but its a kid thing and Im old! I do have several pages if your looking to buy pokemon cards especially the Advanced Ebay Filter link above is great for finding Pokemon Bargain Cards

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Ninja Notes: Some Legend for the Scoring and details of Pokemon cards.
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