Ninja Review - Make Bitcoin playing games, really works.

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Ninja Review - Make Bitcoin playing games, really works.

Postby Breakninja » Wed Apr 21, 2021 3:23 pm

My son told me about this game and wanted me to post his link, i checked out the game an started playing it myself is i guess ill post both our links and you can join whichever one u like hehe.

you can play for free and slowly build up your mining ability and just like every other game u can do purchases to speed it up. with the insane amount that bitcoin has reached now personally i dont think its a bad idea to own a few coins in as many of the different currencies as i can....boring game but its mostly autopilot, just check it each day or two to keep it running.

join be fair i wont say which link is which...join the father or son.

oh yeah and be patient..if the activation link dont show up right away and isnt in your spam folders it could still show up like 4 hours later.
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