Amazon Prime - Breakninja review, I think its worth it.

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Amazon Prime - Breakninja review, I think its worth it.

Postby Breakninja » Fri Jan 15, 2021 1:29 am

join here for your 30 Day Free Trial

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What do you get for your 9 bucks

The cool free 2 day shipping on all your amazon purchases, not a big deal really and only makes a difference if you buy a lot of stuff every month.

Prime Video - Now this is something I use all the time, they have tons of good shows and movies and plenty of prime only content to keep it fresh. And hey if your into car shows like I am they got almost every season of top gear, and lots of other good petrol head shows lol.

Prime Music - pretty much a free album or two of basically any artist you can think of, i found this fun trying to remember all the old bands i have albums for already and seeing what was there that i havent heard yet, or giving old friends a listen.

Kindle Reader with a ton of free books to read. most stuff is to buy but there is just a massive amount of books of any genre or even Trade Paperback Comic Books of just about every old character you can imagine. The trick is to search the library and then go into the filter and select "Prime Reading" and pick what you like. in your personal library it lets you have 10 books borrowed at any given time. I find myself returning to this app quite often.

Photos - from what I understand its unlimited storage for your photos, honestly i havent tried it because well i already have storage galore, not to mention a huge and expensive dedicated server for the old ninja to reside on. so for me personally, no real need but for the average joe I am sure your phone is ready to explode and you could use a little more room for those selfies.

Bottom Line For basically half the price of netflix, you get a very similar service and a whole bunch more. If you want to give it a try and cancel before the 30 days is over if its not for you. the ninja makes like a 3 buck commission on all new trials, so thanks in advance if you end up giving it a shot.

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