2018 Panini Chronicles 16-Box Case PYT Break

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2018 Panini Chronicles 16-Box Case PYT Break

Postby thebreakskir » Sat Aug 25, 2018 12:56 am

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2018 Panini Chronicles Baseball FULL CASE 16-Box Break
1 of 1 JACKPOT!!! $38.00 currently!!

Breaks when full!!
(16) Boxes of 2018 Panini Chronicles Baseball
(1) 2018 Clearly Authentic Box (Low # WAR Prize)
(1) 2018 Topps Series 2 Hobby Baseball Box (High # WAR Prize)
***Super Bonus!!(1) 2018 Topps Pro Debut (Hitless Random Winner)

****WAR Prizes: The lowest numbered card will win a 2016 Prime Cuts Box and the Highest #'d card will win a 2016 Optic Box to break at the end of the main break! All WAR cards are determined by the sum of the right and left number!

*****Brand New 1 of 1 Bounty!!!
(There are seperate Baseball and Football Jackpots)
$1 from every spot will go into the prize pool. The Jackpot will keep accumulating until someone pulls a true 1 of 1 card. The person pulling a 1 of 1 card will win the following....
True 1 of 1 wins 85% of the Jackpot!!
Printing Plate (Non Auto) 1 of 1 will win 15% of the Jackpot!!
Printing Plate (Auto'd) 1 of 1 will win 20% of the Jackpot!!
The winner will receive their prize as break credit to be used at any time. The Jackpot will be posted on every break! Products that guarantee a 1 of 1 card such as Plates and Patches etc will not be eligible for the Bounty!! GOOD LUCK!!!

****Bonus Random: All cards not affiliated with an MLB team will be randomed to (1) hitless team! Any Team USA, Japan,Korea,International card or anything similar will fit this category!

Pick Your Team Baseball Breaks w/Skunk Protection!
***If you untag yourself, please let me know so I can remove you. It doesn't let me update if you untag and I dont remove you.. Thanks!!
Let's Fill it and break it !!!!!!!
>>> Receive (2) Break Points per spot!
***Shipping IS Included!!! All Cards Ship!!
**Payment must be made when spots are claimed...NO EXCEPTIONS!!
***Skunk Protection: All hitless teams will be entered in random drawing to receive a sealed 2018 Topps Pro Debut Hobby Box!!!

New York Yankees  $275.00
Los Angeles Angels  $250.00
Atlanta Braves  $150.00
Washington Nationals  $125.00
Philadelphia Phillies  $125.00
Los Angeles Dodgers  $120.00
Baltimore Orioles  $120.00
New York Mets  $100.00
Boston Red Sox  $100.00
Chicago Cubs  $90.00
Houston Astros  $80.00
Cleveland Indians  $75.00
St. Louis Cardinals  $75.00
Colorado Rockies  $70.00
Oakland Athletics  $50.00
Chicago White Sox  $35.00
Arizona Diamondbacks  $35.00
Minnesota Twins  $30.00
San Francisco Giants  $30.00
Miami Marlins  $25.00
Texas Rangers  $25.00
Kansas City Royals  $25.00
Toronto Blue Jays  $20.00
San Diego Padres  $20.00
Milwaukee Brewers  $20.00
Cincinnati Reds  $20.00
Tampa Bay Rays  $20.00
Seattle Mariners  $20.00
Pittsburgh Pirates  $15.00
Detroit Tigers  $15.00
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